The 9th Trans America Footrace was organized from Laura Magnan and Serge Girard in 2011. The history of these races go back to 1928 when C.C. Pyle organized the first epic footrace in midst of the American Depression. The race was designed to follow the 1928 race as close as possible. The route was much more southern than the 1992-2004 races and the runners had to deal with a lot of heat in New Mexico and Oklahoma.

LA-NY 2011 footrace results

Huntington Beach - New York 6/19 - 8/27/2011 3193.35 miles / 5139.2 km

1.Rainer Koch, Germany 522:55:56
2.Patrick Malandain, France 629:58:22
3.Italo Orru, Italy 630:31:16
4.Serge Girard, France 694:12:53
5.Alexandro Bellini, Italy 746:28:49
6.James Adams, Great Britain 781:16:32
7.Makoto Koshita, Japan 830:33:43
8.Yoshiaki Bando, Japan 848:30:27

Markus Mueller, Ger/ Eagle USA 3074.4 miles 747:25:00
Yoshiaki Ishihara, Japan 2692.2 miles 699:08:42
Jenni De Groot, Netherlands 2560.1 miles 584:39:11
Philipe Grizard, France 2293.1 miles 596:33:18
GĂ©rard Bavato, France 1771.3 miles 394:25:18
Yoshimi Tanaka, Japan 1025.6 miles 270:05:17

Official race coverage

August, 27th 2011
After 3074 miles in 747:25:00h I finally crossed the finish line in New York.