I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who made LA-NY Footrace 2011 possible:

First of all to my wife Brandi Resa, a retired adventure racer and Leadville 100 finisher. Without her support and advice I couldn't even think about attempting this long and difficult race. My parents Dorothea and Horst who taught me to hike and run and enjoying life.

My Sponsors:

                         The high end stone and masonry experts  www.gallegoscorp.com

                        The concrete tool experts   www.krafttool.com

          Boudreaux's Butt Paste   www.buttpaste.com

Bob Gallegos
Ron Meyer
Nancy and David Horten
Angie Suntken
Andrea Dowell
Lexi and Kelsey Resa

Stage support:
Oakwood Christian Church Hannibal,MO
Mark + Kara Paris, Indianapolis
Heather + John McGuire

Other Support:
Mike Haller
Richard Resa
Dan Bakke
Kurt Schumacher

Photography for the website:
Historic Bunion Derby photos: Credit El Reno Library, OK
6 Day race New York: Sylvester Zawadzki  SZ Photography One of New Yorks leading Wedding photographers
Trans Australia: Georg Endres, Ales Fetzner
Trans Germany: Gabriele Holters

And my little fans from Hannibal,MO:
Amyah, Casandra, Cayleb, Dale, Hannah, Issac, Jaylie, Katy, Kelvyn, Kamron, and Kyla